Recap: Paella Fest 2017

$21,000 in Donations Puts Food 
on the Tables of Those in Need 

The 2017 Paella Fest was simply astounding! A huge thank you to all of the extraordinary paella makers for taking part in the fest and to the many generous donations from around the community that allowed us to raise over $21,000 for Food For Lane County.

By ALL accounts this was a great event! We made and ate some delicious paella, connected with old and new friends, heard some phenomenal music, and had an all around good time. We should all feel gratified for being able to help those in our community who are in need. I myself am grateful and proud to be in a cohort of such amazing people and look forward to doing it all over again this year.

Thank you to our beer and wine sponsors for the delicious beverages that pair so well with paella: OakshireFalling Sky, Ninkasi, and Deschutes breweries as well as AbbeloneBrigadoonCamp Creek Cellars,  Sweet Cheeks, King Estate, and Territorial wineries. Huge thanks also to Sundance Natural Foods, Excelsior Inn, Newmans Fish Co., Davey’s Chocolates, and all of the other businesses and regular citizens for the wonderful donations of goods and services that made our auction such a roaring success.

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Paella Fest on Saturday, July 28, and ... keep the pans bubbling!


*Paella Fest is a Private Event
It has come to our attention that without the knowledge of hosts Mo and Eric or the other organizers of our event, Paella Fest was included in the calendar of the recently published Eugene Weekly Summer Guide. We are not sure how this happened, and we apologize for any confusion, but Paella Fest is NOT a public event. We are a small group of friends gathering in a relatively small back yard and there is only so much paella to go around. Attendance is by invitation only. You must be personally invited by one of the paelleras in order to participate. Thank you for your understanding.

—Northwest Paella Fest

Paella Fest 2017

Saturday, July 29th
On the Outskirts of Beautiful Green Eugene 

Friends, it is time once again to celebrate the most renowned rice dish of Spain while helping to raise funds for Food for Lane County. We hope you can join us for the 12th Annual Northwest Paella Fest!


As you all know, Paella Fest is a benefit for Food for Lane County. Last year Paella Fest raised the amazing amount of $17,000 through donations at the gate and proceeds from the silent auction.* This March the NW Paella Fest was recognized along with five other businesses/associations that have contributed over $50,000 in funds or over 500,000 pounds of food to FFLC. The board of directors had very kind words and presented us with a thank you award. There is also a permanent banner now hanging in the lobby of FFLC bearing the NW Paella Festival name. Huge thanks to all of you for turning your passion for paella into a contribution to our community. Give yourselves a pat on the back ... and get ready for this year's festivities!

*Silent Auction: We plan to hold the auction again this year so if you have an item you would like to donate or a service you could provide, please contact Sue, Char, or Cindy. Thank you!

Musical Line-Up: As usual, we have some great entertainment on tap. This year's Paella Fest will feature the musical talents of:
  • The Plaid Piper
  • Socarrat Sax Quartet
  • Steve (musical genius and otherwise swell guy) 
  • Paella Party Band
  • String Theory
  • Stephen, Kris, and Steve—picking their brains out
  • Corwin Bolt and the Wingnuts
Our Generous Sponsors: Some wonderful local breweries and wineries have stepped up to provide delicious beverages to pair perfectly with your paella. Huge thanks to Oakshire, Falling Sky, and Deschutes breweries as well as Abbelone, Sweet Cheeks, Brigadoon, King Estate, and Camp Creek wineries.

It's bound to be the best Paella Fest ever! See you there!

Salud,  Don


The Concept
Each person (or team) who signs up to be a "paellaera" (paella maker) brings everything they need to prepare their own delicious variation of the renowned dish of Spain out in the woods. In addition each paellaera invites enough friends to eat the equivalent of their paella. The result is a critical mass of fun and celebration as we all sample bites of these colorful and tasty creations. To sign up, see below. 

*Please note that Paella Fest is an invitation only event. See top of this page.

Photos on Facebook
For photos of last year's Paella Fest and to get the latest breaking Paella Fest news, check out our Facebook page.
The Location
Eric and Mo have graciously provided their lovely wooded hilltop back yard, located just 20 minutes from downtown Eugene — and to be known for posterity as The Dukhobar Road Paella Proving Grounds — at 86840 Dukhobar Road, Eugene, OR 97403. (See below for directions)

The Timing
Arrival: Paellaeras may arrive and set up any time after 2:00 PM. Feel free to arrive early enough to enjoy a beer with your fellow paella makers.
Cooking: You are the expert for your recipe. Begin when the time seems right.
Eating: Please aim to have your paella complete and ready to eat as close to 6:30 as you can.

Items Provided
  • Tables (each table can accommodate 2 to 3 paellaeras)
  • Water (although you may want to bring a receptacle to have water at your table)
  • Cups for beverages (feel free to bring your own special goblet)
  • Small plates and spoons for acquiring taste bud orgasms. (Eating out of the pan is the tradition for paella, however to minimize the risk of soccorat theft, we are resorting to plates.)
Bathrooms are provided.

Items Paelleras Should Bring
  • All ingredients
  • Paella Pan
  • Burner and gas, or receptacle and fuel for charcoal or wood heat (Smokey says, “no ground fires”)
  • Utensils
  • Dish towels and pot holders
  • Beverages other than beer (and ice if needed)
  • Chair
  • Containers for taking home leftovers (yeah, right!)
You may want to label items as things tend to migrate around in the feeding frenzy.

Items Guests Should Bring
  • Beverages other than beer (and ice if needed)
  • Chair
  • Generous donation for Food for Lane County (suggested $30 per person)
Sign Up
Paellaeras, you must reserve your spot at the table by signing up. Email Don and let him know the type of paella (seafood, vegetarian, gastropod, etc.) you plan to create and how many guests you intend to invite.

Take West 11th to Greenhill Road. Turn left on Greenhill. As you proceed, the name of the road mysteriously changes to Crow Road. In a mile or so there will be a Dukhobar Road sign on the right. DON’T TURN HERE! Continue straight for about half a mile until you see a Dukhobar Road sign on your left. Turn left here. Continue to the end of the pavement. (Click on the map below to enlarge)

The driveway is steep, so to drop off people or supplies, drive all the way up to the house, staying right at the Y, and then return to the parking area at the bottom of the hill in the marked pasture. There is no parking at the house.